Reflections and Closing Comments

Thinking back on why I joined this class I recall that I felt my knowledge of C++ was shaky at best and most of the solutions I had put forward in previous classes had been sub par at best. Hoping to stifle this lack I charged forward scheduling my last and final semester around this class and Automata.

After having completed the course I can say that I was pleasantly surprised at how much I have learned and just how comfortable I am with C++. I now dare to say that I am approaching the same comfort level that I have with Java and PHP and my career which starts with a C++ stack seems less daunting now.

Often I have heard it expressed that teaching someone who doesn’t have any programming experience is much easier than teaching someone with prior experience in another programing language, and this had agreed with my thinking in the classes where I had undertaken learning C, Ruby, and LISP. With the teaching methods used though In this class I found that this was somewhat true still as evident by the memory management errors I encountered in my projects but I felt that the discussions in class(although delayed sufficiently) helped to ease this pain and prove that the idiom asserted above is not necessarily true given the right guidance.

I feel that the most valuable topics covered were the design patterns (implicit in the projects), the lectures on memory management, and best practices. While the lectures of lesser value to me were the lectures where we detailed the specifications of the projects.I would simply say that reading the documentation and querying peers has been critical in all of the internships I have held before and thus I was not anticipating spending two lectures orienting us at the anticipated solutions. I think Piazza, Stack Overflow, discussions with our partners, searches on Google, the project specs, and peer discussion should have been sufficient for this type of discussion/discernment. That being said this is an extremely minor nuance in the scope of things, and in my mind this class has been wildly successful in my eyes and has taught me a whole slew of things I would not have known otherwise.


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