Test Prep and Project reminiscing

This week we resumed where we had left off the weeks before we went on spring break wrapping up our discussion of different c++ array/pointer/vector equivalence notations. I found this discussion to have been rather enlightening but the high point was that vector provides near array performance speeds without the hassle and it provides handy initialization methods too.

After putting the finishing touches on the project I started to prepare my one page for the test, I found that the notation that confused me the most was the notion of pointers to functions as they didn’t follow the general pattern that I had associated with typedefs that being: typedef <type> <alias name>. Going into the test I felt fairly prepared and I hope the hours spent studying pay off. In reflecting on the test I can only say that I expected more diversity and I hope that all tests don’t follow this pattern as one missed class or one omission of a detail could prove cost up to half of the test.


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