Arrays and Pointers galore

This week in OOP, we spent most of our time iterating over the different types of pointers in C++ and motivating some examples, the discussion stems from the fact that there are 4 varients of pointers in c++ which can be summed up by the following code and comments:

int c;

int* b; // read/write, many locations

cont int* pc; // read only, many locations

int* const cp = &c; // read/write one location (same as doing int& cp = c;)

const int* const cpc = &c; // read only, one location

We took some time later on to discuss the fact that in java arrays are allocations of values only if the data members are primitive types and for all non-primitives the array holds references to the type, unlike in c++ where the arrays contain the values themselves and can either be stack allocated or heap allocated, unlike java where all stack values reside on the heap.We finished up the week by looking at pointers vs. arrays in c++ noting that pointers are rvalues where arrays seem to be lvalues.


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